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Owl’s Head Truck & Tractor Show

Posted July 19, 2015

As a huge car guy, I have been to a great number of car shows, but the Antique Truck and Tractor Show at Owl’s Head Transportation Museum was like nothing I have ever attended before. There were a number of things that both surprised and impressed me.

First off, the vehicles are much bigger than I’m used to — I know for sure I’ve never seen a Big Rig and Trailer on display at any other show. I also never knew a lot of the trucks even existed. There were so many that drew me in to take a closer look. I also found a few that I would LOVE to have as a second Ice Cream for a Cause Truck.

The second thing that surprised me was that everything ran! Everything! The trucks are too big to be trailer queens and most of them were driven to the event by their owners. The museum also had some trucks from their collection on display outside. I was pretty amazed when they started up their 1909 Autocar Coal Delivery Truck and worked it’s dump bed. One of the coolest things about the event is that you can go for a ride around the event area in some of the museum’s trucks. I got to go for a ride in a 1920s Reo Speedwagon, similar to the one we are restoring at Darling’s.

The last thing that surprised me and impressed me the most was every owner’s passion for their vehicle. It’s impressive when someone restores a vintage muscle car but it is extremely impressive when someone builds a big truck. Just the sheer size alone would scare most builders. Then when you realize that these vehicles were built to work and work hard, you begin to really see how dedicated these people are. Most of these vehicles were worked into the ground over the years and didn’t survive, so finding a rare part on a big truck is much harder to find than finding one for an average muscle car. The owners also know so much about their projects and love talking to people about them. It’s like getting a history lesson with each owner you talk to.

It was a great experience bringing the Darling’s Ice Cream Truck to the Owl’s Head Truck and Tractor Show, and I look forward to going again next year. It was also pretty cool not being the biggest truck in the parking lot for once!!!